The moment I met you,

I knew I found love.

For you sound like a bird,

Whose voice is sonorous.

Your touch is like a feather’s,

So tender on the skin.

For your smile is contagious,

Like a contractible disease.


We would laugh together

And yell in times of anger,

We would share our sorrows

And even our happiness,

Everyday was a blessing

With you in my arms.

Twenty-four hours wasn’t just enough

To express how much I love you!


In a twinkle of an eye

Our romantic moments shattered,

Enmity crawled in like an infant.

Every sight was of anger,

Every touch was of pain,

Every speech was a curse

Even every look was scary

And hatred was it all!


Who would have thought

A lovey-dovey relationship

Aggravating to hatred.

Who would have thought

I knew no peace,

For my heart was in pieces

Who would have thought

That this is the end!

What she thinks of me

My gentle soul

Be wild in the eyes of hers, 

my sweet laughter 

A roar to her hearing, 

A smile from my cheeks

To be welcomed with a frown, 

A decent me

a whore to her

My tiresome poise

my laziness in her view

Scolding my siblings 

An outrageous act of mine. 
Of no good I am

Of little gain I’ve become

I feel taunted by her words

But my tongue is twisted

And I’m dying of silence

Friends and folks

Detest my company

For I’ve been painted black

And my presence is a curse. 

So lonely I have become 

Tears are nowhere to be found

My lachrymal lake dry like a desert 

Pondering my daily chores 

For the stigma she has given me

The witch with no wings

People would laugh while they call me. 

I’d want to go far away

Where no sapien knows my name

And feel the scorching sun

And the billowing wind

And let the rain wash my tears away

For my heart has been chewed like a bone. 

A better me coming up

For I’ll ignore the pain

And make a gain
For I’ll tell the world

My sorrow and sore

None should be like me

The one with the twisted tongue 

What she thinks of me

Shouldn’t be me

What she thinks of me

Is only a criticism of me

I am better than criticism 

I hold a place, I have a stand

So what she thinks of me

Is not me! 


            THE CAGED NEGRO 

When slavery lived with the day 

And tears filled up the bay 

the negro had nothing to say, 

as they greeted the salty ocean in pains,

While journeying to an anon end. 
The voice of the voiceless,

Cracked and mumbled,

Like they had no color, 

Nor a place to call a home . 
A age long walk out of chains,

Libertarians souls cried for freedom, 

Willful were silenced, 

Useful were used,

The Weak were massacred,

On a fatal race for survival

But there was barely a fittest.
The fit from the unfit,

Stood on their feet,

Fighting against defeat

And defeated defeat, 

then clung to the throne,

Like a snail to its shell,

And a nut to its kernel. 
Conflict of a race it became,

the fit against the negro, 

which conceived massive brutality, 

for the fit was absolute,

the voice of the negro

became their earlier encounter,

Which they had sought freedom
The fellow African, 

Suffers from his brother’s whip,

Pleads for grace from an alien,

The negro, travels back in time

When slavery was the day,

The past and present clashes

No freedom for the negro.